Based on our established foundation of loyal Amusement park employers and our humble beginnings in 2002, we quickly learned that young South African farmers, and applicants from South Africas industrial regions, had the right skills and attitude to add value to our growing list of American Amusement park employers.  Over time, because we have developed a strong presence in South Africa’s agricultural  farming regions, we have access to large numbers of carefully selected and prepared English speaking farm labor.  

Utilizing our established network and experienced team, we have grown to provide some of Americas top farming operations too.  Carefully selected Farm labor, working on Combine harvesters, Tractors, Irrigation systems etc contributing their skills and experience has proven in many cases a breath of fresh air at American farms who struggle to find willing and able Americans to do the work. Based on the H-2A visa and the farmer's needs and requirements, we search, interview, pick and prepare the Cream of the crop out of our available labor pool, specifically for each US employer on board in our program.  

When you, the US farming employer have applied for your H-2A work visas, our job usually starts ideally 3 to 4 months before your date of need, enabling us to search, select and prepare the right crew, for when your work visas arrive.  After this we arrange visa appointments and book airline tickets so our group can depart and arrive in the US at work shortly thereafter. Click here to contact us for more information.