Our Team

The picture above shows part of our team, at South Africa’s annual NAMPO agricultural tradeshow, further getting familiar with the latest in farming equipment.  Part of our core beliefs is for our team members to stay up to date with the latest developments in the two markets we serve.  

Serving Agriculture and Amusement park markets, utilizing two similar US work visas, namely the H-2A and H-2B seasonal work visa for US employers, it’s vital that our country wide agents, evaluation team members and marketeers know what they are talking about when recruits apply for your job and before we invest your money in their airline travel and training. Most of our 25 strong experienced team have been with us for many years, however regular in house training helps ensure our company stays ahead of the pack, in an ever changing American and South African environment.  

Renè Wegkamp, President and founder of the A2X group has his background in engineering and Hydraulics and grew up in the exciting world of Amusement parks in the Netherlands, Europe.  This foundation of engineering and Amusement parks has proven handy, also with the expansion into the USA farm labor market as far as the mechanical and business aspects of it goes. 

Tanja Wegkamp, Operational Director of the company has a background in Human resources, a degree in Psychology, plus qualifications and diplomas in Psychrometric testing and advanced South African labor law.  These skills have also proven necessary in setting up and developing the evaluation and risk profiling of potential new applicants that are considered for placement with you, the US employer.

The balance of our awesome team members qualities includes interviewers with farming background, hospitality, useful with concession placements at Amusement park clients and one team member even used to be a police detective. This knowledge comes in handy when doing background checks, and helping in the developing of effective interviewing techniques, which are intended to bring out each applicant’s good or useful qualities, as well as bad qualities to be weighed off in the evaluation process.  Skills are important, however our core belief is that skills mean nothing, unless associated with a good character and personality.  Our clients will often attest that there are common personality threads in the calibre of the recruits we choose.